How To Add A Menu Item
How To Add A Menu Item

How To Add A Menu Item

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Adding an item to the menu is quite simple.

• Login to the back-end at

• Scroll down and on the left hand side you will see “Products

• Hover over the Products tab and click on “Add New

Product name – Type the name of the item in this field

Description – Type the description of the item in this field

Product Categories – Select a Category if it exists, if it does not exist you can create a new one by clicking on “Add New category

Below the description field you will see a checkbox named “Kitchen Cook” and “Bar Drink
For ALL food items please ensure that Kitchen Cook is enabled and Bar Drink is disabled.
For ALL drink items please ensure that Bar Drink is enabled and Kitchen Cook is disabled.
Kitchen Cook is enabled by default so please verify before you add your items.

Regular price – Enter the value of your menu item. You do not need to add the $ symbol. It will automatically do that for you. For example: Enter 25 not $25.

• After you are done, scroll up and on the right hand side you will see a blue button that says Publish

That’s it, you’ve added an item to the menu that will be visible on the POS and the front-end of the website.

This GIF below will go over the steps mentioned above:

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